Persian Cuisine

At Kookoo Bristol we provide freshly prepared Persian cuisine as eaten in the homes of Iranian people. We serve the traditional stews as well as less well-known ones and we offer a wide range of rice dishes with vegetables or meat mixed in.

We are known for our fresh, tasty kebabs served with fluffy Persian rice and chargrillled vegetables or homebaked fresh tafton bread.

Persian food is one of the oldest survifing cuisines – older than Turkish/Ottoman food or Arabic dishes. The recipes are distinct in flavour and often contain nuts or dried fruit. The flavours are fragrant yet not spicy and there is a lot of use of fresh green herbs.

The preparation of the meals is labour intensive and the harmony of flavours requires dishes to be offered fresh. At Kookootoo we shop as close to the date of cooking as we can, we stock produce from reputable suppliers and we store our food for a minimum time.

We prepare halal meat and we always know our ingredients so we can advice on food allergies.