Salad Shirazi

Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onion and fresh mint


Zeytun parvardeh

Marinated olives with walnuts and sweet pomegranate seeds



Homemade chickpea dip with garlic and tahini


Mast-o khiar

Minty yoghurt dip with garlic and cucumber


Mast-o moosir

Yoghurt dip with wild garlic


Mirza Ghasemi (warm)

Aubergine and egg dip with freshly chopped tomatoes


Kashk-e bademjan (warm)

Minty aubergine dip with garlic and Kashk (strained yoghurt)


Mazeh platter

Choose any three starter dips – perfect for two to share


Extra bread


Main courses


Ghormeh sabzi

Slow-cooked lamb in a green herb & red kidney bean stew, balancing fresh fenugreek & coriander with punchy dried lime. Served with steamed saffron rice



Tender lamb stew, with yellow split peas and juicy, grilled cherry tomatoes. Served with steamed saffron rice and decorated with crispy, homemade mini-chips


Zereshk polo ba morgh

A quarter of succulent pan-seared chicken, stewed in a fragrant tomato and saffron sauce. Served on a bed of rice, topped with barberries, chopped pistachios & almonds


Sabzi polo ba mahi

Pan-fried fillet of tilapia fish, with Kookootoo’s signature Caspian yogurt and dill sauce, and spicy Bandari sauce. Served with green herb rice


Yatimcheh (v)

Tomato and aubergine stew, with cinnamon and saffron. Served with a choice of steamed saffron or green herb rice


Dahl (v)

Red lentil dahl adopted into Persian cuisine with a refined blend of spices, served with a choice of steamed saffron or green herb rice


The finest cuts of fresh halal meat, marinated & grilled until juicy & tenderAll served with grilled tomato & classic steamed saffron rice


Chenjeh Kebab

Tender fillet of lamb pieces, marinated in saffron and olive oil
and quickly grilled to preserve the juices


Kebabe Kubideh

2 skewers of our traditional lamb mince, authentically prepared and seasoned
Add an extra skewer for £3.50


Kebabe Bakhtiari

A skewer mixed fillet of lamb & chicken breast pieces


Jujeh Kebab

Juicy chicken pieces marinated & basted with saffron & lemon
Add an extra skewer for £4.50


Halloumi kebab (v)

Marinated Halloumi, skewered with grilled vegetables. Served with a choice of steamed saffron rice
or green herb rice.
Add an extra skewer for £3.00


Mixed kebab platter (for two to share)

A mixed kebab with two skewers kubideh, one Bakhtiari and one bargh, served with grilled tomatoes, Shirazi salad and two homemade dips





Our freshly baked soft & crispy tafton bread



Steamed saffron rice or green herb rice


Moh’s Signature Dishes
All dishes are created by Kookootoo’s qualified chef-owner Moh Narimani who has a special talent for balancing flavours & textures in the authentic recipes of the Persian cuisine.


Tender chicken pieces in a delicate sauce of saffron, walnut & pomegranate


Baghali polo ba mahiche

Filling lamb shank, slow-cooked with tomato, carrot & celery, served with fragrant dill broadbean rice


Kebabe bargh

Tender lamb back fillet infused with saffron & aromatic Persian spices grilled to perfection


Ghalieh mahi

Panfried tilapia in a delicate tangy sauce of green herbs, tamarind & chilli


Vegan feast

A colourful platter of 2 stews of the chef’s choice and red lentil dahl served with 2 special rice dishes


A selection of homemade treats & authentic Persian flavours



Persian frozen glass noodles served with lemon juice and cherry syrup



Three scoops of deluxe Persian-inspired ice cream

Choice of flavours: Saffron, pistachio, Baci Chocolate



Persian pastries with pistachio, organic agave, rose-water & cardamom


Ab havij bastani

Carrot juice & a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream


Add an extra scoop of ice cream


Hot Drinks
Hot chocolate
Persian tea

Fragrant loose Persian tea with cardamom, served in traditional small glasses with special Persian sugars and palm dates

Tea (including herbal teas)
Regular pot for 1
Large pot for 2-4 persons
Fresh mint tea

Infusion of fresh mint leaves with honey & palm dates

Herbal infusions

Camomile, lemon & ginger, peppermint, fruit teas

Persian doogh                                                   

Homemade sparkling yoghurt drink with dried mint          


Large bottle





Fresh Juice  
Fresh orange or carrot juice
Fresh orange and carrot juice
Fresh orange juice with pomegranate juice
Jug of juice (at least 4 glasses)
Sparkling drinks

Luscombe Sicilian lemonade, elderflower, ginger beer 

Bottle of coca cola (regular/diet)




Large bottle
Small bottle

House wines

 Small Glass (125ml)  Large Glass (250ml) Bottle
Condo pinel – Spain (white/red)

Brise de France (rose/merlot)

2.70 4.25 14.90
Specialist wines (by the bottle)        

Vanessa (organic red wine – Spain)


Prosecco (sparkling wine-Italy)


Bordeaux (Classic red wine – France)



Beer & Cider      
Stella Artois
K1 – Persian sugar free beer